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Jaclyn Hill Posted A Snap With This YouTuber Using A Racial Slur

It seems like every day we come across another story wrought with racial tension.

Friday night, Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights were letting loose after filming a collab video together. As everyone does nowadays, they made sure to document all parts of their night on social media. Except this was one of those times when limiting social media would have done them both a lot of good.

Jacklyn posted a snap where Kathleen dropped the N word. While it’s since been deleted, everyone knows that in this day and age, even a minute on the internet is enough to reach the eyes (and ears) of potentially millions. Kathleen was very quick to apologize to her fans and took to both Twitter and Instagram to express her sincere regret in using the racial slur.

It sounds like Kathleen had asked Jaclyn to not post the video, but with alcohol playing a factor, Jaclyn didn’t hear that and went ahead and posted it. Jaclyn has taken to her Twitter to apologize as well for the video.

While both beauty gurus seem sincere in their apologies, we do wonder why this word was even in their vocabulary. We also hope they are more upset about using the word than about just getting caught. Both ladies have been tweeting all day about how sorry they are and we hope they’re able to learn from this and go forward with a much more tolerant attitude!