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Jaden Smith Pays Homage To Dragon Ball Z In “Goku” Music Video

The official music video for “Goku” will cripple Dragon Ball Z fans with nostalgia.

Jaden Smith has no shortage of quality content and that’s evident now that the rapper has just dropped a music video for “Goku” less than a week after releasing one for his other single “Plastic.”  With the help of animators Takayuki Moriya and Nigel Tierney, Jaden unleashed his inner Goku on the streets of Tokyo’s Akihabara district.  “Goku” is the second single off his album “Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story.”  The 20-year-old shared that the album is an ode to all the females that have been a part of his life, whether they’re on good or bad terms.

“I dedicate this album to the females in my life, from the pretty girl crossing the street that I never got a chance to talk to or get out of my head, to the girls that I see in my favorite movies that are way out of my league and unaware of my existence.  Even my Xs-the ones I’m in communication with, and the ones that I’m not.  All those times by The Beach, in The Hills, in The City, or in The Valley listening to the Beatles, thank you, I love you,” shared Jaden on an Instagram post.

Keeping with the theme of “Goku”, Jaden will be lending his voice to Kaz Kaan in the anime holiday special Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas which will be released on Netflix on December 7th.

Press play to watch the official music video for “Goku” above.


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