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Jaden Smith Releases Music Video For ‘Plastic’

Jaden Smith has released the official music video for his song “Plastic” off of his latest album.

Jaden Smith has been teasing fans throughout the year with controversial actions and no explanations and this release is no different.  The 20-year-old released a tantalizing music video for his song ‘Plastic’ off of his album SYRE.

The video matches up perfectly with his ‘film noir’ aesthetic that he’s going for since he first released his legendary ‘ICON’ single and music video.  Jaden attempts to reinvent the popular fad with this track and the accompanying visuals.  He jumps around on tune to the background music with lyrics to show that although that the surface message seems common, the lyrics are something that you have never heard or seen before.

“Bust down, ran outta plastic (Woo), Triple backflip, gymnastics (Woo), Every time I spit, it go Platinum (Woo) Open up my mouth, all platinum (Woo), Whip with the wings like Batman (Woo), Roll around Lower Manhattan (Let’s go), Black teeth (Black teeth), F–k, I don’t even know what happened.”

Press play above to see the official music video and make sure to hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts!.


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