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Jake Paul’s New House Is So Dope That We Wanna Move In

West Hollywood is about to get a little less noisy, because it’s loudest neighbor is officially moving out.

YouTube star and controversy addict, Jake Paul is leaving his West Hollywood home for a 40 minute drive down to Calabasas. All for the reasonable amount of $6.925 million.

Ahh it must be good to be a YouTuber.

While of course, we’re aware that Jake Paul bought this house weeks ago, we’re getting some good inside looks of the mansion that is sure to be turning all their pranks into full schemes of shenanigans. Jake, who’s known for his outrageous personality, pranks, and interesting rapping skills have made him the wealthy, young adult he is today. Due to all those pranks and outlandish shenanigans that went on in his West Hollywood home, neighbors considered filing a lawsuit against the YouTuber.

Before things got too hot, Jake decided to make the move. Instead of neighbors, he’ll be surrounded by 3.5 acres of land, waterfalls, a pool, and a spa. We’re not kidding.

Plus, Jake’s actually gonna be way closer to his older brother Logan, who recently bought an amazing pad in Encino. Maybe the two can party and prank together…you know, AWAY FROM EVERYONE ELSE.

Here’s the fancy (and overwhelming) details to the house:

The home is a total of 15,045 square feet with 8 bedrroms and 10 and 2 half bathrooms. So basically, IT’S REALLY FUCKIN BIG.





He’s definitely got good taste in real estate.


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