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Jake Paul Does The Bird Box Challenge While Driving In Traffic

Less than 24 hours after Netflix issues a warning to stop attempting the extremely dangerous Bird Box Challenge, Jake Paul goes viral for almost ending up in a car crash while trying it.

Although this is the type of behavior fans have come to expect from Jake Paul, the world is still collectively facepalming after the YouTuber uploaded a vlog of himself attempting The Bird Box Challenge.  Ignoring Netflix’s warning, Jake and his friend George Janko blindfold themselves before getting behind the wheel of his car and driving in traffic.  Not only do they knock over trashcans but they angered a ton of other drivers in the process.  Unlike Jake and George, the cameraman seems to have a little bit more sense and urges them to cut it short.

“Bro! Jake, get out of the road,” the cameraman yells. “That’s not funny alright? That’s not funny!”

In the since-deleted video, Jake also goes over all the mayhem the duo caused because of the stunt.

“Update: Hopefully I don’t run into anything — This sucks,” Paul says. “We’re in the middle of the street, almost got hit by a car, got kicked out of a library, broke a couple trash cans.”

It seems he’s learned his lesson after being slammed as the vlog is no longer available on his channel.  Let’s hope the backlash stops others from trying this dangerous trend.


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