Get Your Popcorn Ready, Jake Paul Is Getting Roasted

While the Jake Paul v. Logan Paul competition continues, we have to acknowledge how Jake’s recent diss track has been completely roasted.

Jake Paul’s It’s Everyday Bro isn’t getting a lot of love from fellow influencers, and we’re awaiting what could become an epic social media gauntlet of sorts.

What began as a brotherly battle between the Paul brothers over a love triangle with Alissa Violet has escalated from all fun and games to some serious clapbacks.

Here’s the video Jake released:

Jake goes all out in his diss track, pointing to his rapid gain in subscribers and how “PewDiePie is next.” Uh oh! Did Jake just call out PewDiePie? Here’s what the leading Youtuber (55 million subscribers) had to say about the diss track.

And then the Jake Paul roast commenced…

While we were wondering if Logan would release the second verse from his diss track, The Fall of Jake Paul which may or may not feature Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, we have been updated that the second verse has been wiped out by both Logan and Jake. Sorry Logang and Jake Paulers, there’s no second verse…that we’re aware of.

For now, we just hope the brothers can rekindle their friendly competition to JUST friendly.

Update: Logan Paul has released a reaction video to his brother’s roast! Check it out below.


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