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Jake Paul Just Can’t Let Alissa Violet Go And It’s Awkward

Jake Paul just can’t move on when it comes to Alissa Violet and honestly…it’s kinda embarrassing.

We thought that after the second verse dropped and Alissa moved on to date FaZe Banks, Jake would eventually realize that all drama having to do with him and her was old and tired.

But because grudges and drama are pretty much all he has left to hold onto, that assumption on our end was wrong.

In a thrilling game of ‘tweet then delete’, Jake finally admitted to the world what we all already knew– Alissa slept with Logan.

We don’t know if Jake has just been living with his head buried in the dirty dirty depths of every house he’s ever lived in or what, but we thought that this fact had already been alluded to enough to be assumed? Wasn’t the entire drama having to do with the second verse about this exact thing??

In all fairness though, we weren’t there. We don’t know what actually went down with Alissa or who slept with who, but we do know that it looks like Jake is trying to set fires in places where there isn’t even smoke.

The Martinez Twins calling him a bully for the world to see must have scared him so much so that he needed someone else to lash out at, especially because we’re pretty sure that the world (outside of the Jake Paulers) is on the Martinez twins side.

Too bad for Jake, Alissa cannot be bothered with his bullshit anymore either, and even tweeted out a response so on point that we’ll just let you read it for yourself.

Like we said, the whole thing seems more embarrassing for him than anyone else, so maybe just like, lay low for forever?

Who are we kidding, he doesn’t know what that means.


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