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Has Jake Paul Just Been Cosigned By This Rapper?!

If you thought you were making it through the weekend without hearing a story about a Paul brother…well, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we can sell you.

This time, it’s Jake Paul headlining news and it’s all because of a video that went viral today. In it, Jake and 21 Savage are apparently driving in a car and based on the few words that are spoken, it appears Jake has been dubbed 20 Savage by the rapper.

There’s a #20Savage now 👀🗡 #MyMixtapez

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Now, while we technically don’t know what this means, we do know that there have been quite a few reactions to it. People have been taking to Twitter to share their thoughts about the potential collab. Needless to say, Jake and 21 Savage may have quite the uphill battle when it comes to selling their music.

We also don’t technically know what context in which to interpret this video. We think it’s pretty safe to assume a collaboration is coming – at least that seems to be the general consensus of Jake Paul fans. Our bet is that this is another pairing similar to the Gucci Mane collab we mentioned last month. Jake is no stranger to the music scene; he’s released a few tracks, one of his more recent ones being a diss track in response to all that trouble with Disney.

Whatever it is, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little bit intrigued. As always, we’ll keep you updated here!


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