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Jake Paul Just Dropped His Highly Anticipated New Video

Jake Paul just dropped his newest video, which has been highly anticipated ever since he announced his break from the platform.

We already reported that Jake recently let everyone in on the real reason why he decided to break his daily vlogging streak, and subsequently take a short hiatus away from YouTube. As it turns out, he was busy visiting the students who survived the Parkland shooting, as well as their parents, and even legislators.

His efforts behind the trip were to help educate people on how they can help prevent this in the future, as well as to show just how much of an epidemic school shootings and gun incidents really are.

“I even thought when I was in school like, oh, this isn’t gonna happen to me. I think everyone overlooks this but since 2013, there’s been a gun incident at schools every week.”

The 21 minute long video shows Jake and Erika hanging out with different kids and taking the time to hear their side of the story versus having an agenda while talking to them, which is what one of the mom’s who was interviewed specifically pointed out as the reason for why she was so grateful for their visit.

We think it’s great that Jake is highlighting such an important issue right now. Despite what anyone’s opinions on him might be, it’s impossible to deny the impact he has on so many people, and with his 14 million subscribers, we’re glad he’s going to be able to reach so many people with this video.

HOWEVER– we’re not quite sure that this video is going to stop school shootings, but if for some insane reason it does, we’ll take back every sarcastic thing we’ve ever said about Jake Paul.

Check out Jake’s latest upload down below!


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