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Have You Seen Jake Paul’s Apology To The Martinez Twins?

This past weekend, the Martinez Twins up and left Team 10. Team 10 in return, released a statement to share their side of the story. Now Jake Paul himself is addressing the twins in a newly released video.

Directly after the Martinez Twins made their video announcing they were quitting the team due to bullying, Jake reacted with a reactionary tweet:

He went on to say he was “done being painted as the bad guy,” and then tweeted out 2 videos directed at the twins, which show his apparent change of heart:

In Team 10’s previously released statement, they said that Jake found the twins living in a terrible situation in Spain and he saved them (how kind) and spent time and money out of his own pocket to get them started in Los Angeles. The statement continued by saying that the twin’s account of bullying in the house by the Team 10 members “simply isn’t true”. But with Jake’s latest two videos, it seems he may be backpedaling, saying “with the language barrier between us, the twins weren’t always fully aware of what was going on and I should’ve done a better job making sure they were fully informed.”

But it’s “too little too late” for many fans, who have expressed their apprehension with the change of heart Jake seemingly had.


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