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Jake Paul Might Be Stepping In The Ring With FaZe Banks

Jake Paul and FaZe Clan member Banks are reportedly trying to bring their beef to the boxing ring.

Jake Paul’s latest vlog answered two important questions:

1. Why the hell he made an appearance at the Wilder vs Fury fight.

“I am on my way to the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder boxing match.  It’s a huge boxing match.” 

He goes on to reveal that he was personally invited.  His brother, Logan Paul, was supposed to accompany him but he wasn’t able to attend. Jake decided to take the championship belt he won after beating Deji.  Jake weighed in on the recent drama going on between his former opponent and his brother.

“Also, Deji and KSI apparently hate each other.  That’s funny.  Actually, you know what, that’s not funny.  They’re brothers, they should love each other.  But it is kind of funny.”

2. Who he will be fighting at the Logan Paul vs KSI rematch in 2019.

Jake also shares that he’s still looking for a boxing opponent but that’s about to change.

“I have been texting back and forth with FaZe Banks.  I want to fight him.  I texted him and I’m not gonna like talk about our conversation that we had.  But just know that FaZe Banks vs Jake Paul is a very high possibility and I would love nothing more than that.  I think that it would be bigger than the KSI-Logan fight.  I think that it would be bigger than a lot of fights that have ever happened in the history of anything.”

The YouTuber is absolutely right that this fight would garner a lot of attention and that’s because of something they have in common-Alissa VioletFaZe Banks’ current girlfriend, Alissa, used to be in a complicated relationship with Jake Paul.  She eventually left him and slept with his older brother, Logan, out of spite before moving on to Banks.  Shortly after,  Jake accused FaZe of assaulting assistant which sparked even more drama.

FaZe Banks took to Twitter to see if this fight would be as big as Jake is anticipating.

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