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Jake Paul And Nick Crompton Remember Mackenzie Asher

We’re incredibly sad to announce that Mackenzie Asher, who was a strong, smart and brave 11 year old girl, has sadly passed away from cancer.

During her life she was a huge Jake Paul fan, as well as a fan of the rest of Team 10, and even got an opportunity to go to their house and hang out with the gang as part of the Make A Wish Foundation.

Both Nick Crompton and Jake have taken to their social media accounts to express their grief over her untimely passing, as well as to remember her life as the fun loving girl she was.

We find it sweet that Jake and Team 10 team took the time to show their own respect by remembering their time spent with her, as well as sharing pictures that she took while with them. Can we just say, she looks like she is radiating happiness in each one.


 Our thoughts go out to her family an friends during this difficult time.


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