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Jake Paul Responds To Criticism From Fans Of The Dolan Twins

The Dolan Twins fanbase is feeling the heat after Jake Paul responds to the hate comments they left him on social media.

A Twitter user and Dolan Twin stan probably didn’t expect to get slammed by Jake Paul but the YouTuber is fed up with the hate.  @beatlesdolan tweeted about how upset she would be if Ethan denied that he and fellow vlogger Emma Chamberlain were in a relationship.  She threatened to jump ship and head over to the Jake Paul fandom and he took offense to the remark.

Jake shared that he’s known the twins for years so he’s confused as to why their fanbase doesn’t care for him.  He also called out a fan who insulted Emma.

The controversial YouTuber presumably get thousands of messages from fans a day and he wasn’t even tagged in the ones he replied to so he might’ve just been having an off day and looking for trouble.  He’s currently dealing with the backlash from his Bird Box Challenge video and being accused of promoting a scammy gambling website to kids so it makes sense that he’s on edge.  Hopefully, the 21-year-old millionaire perks up so that no other fanbase has to feel his wrath.


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