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Jake Paul Reveals His Relationship With Erika Costell Was “Super Toxic”

Jake Paul revealed on an episode of his YouTube reality series ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ that his relationship with Erika wasn’t picture perfect.

After Shane Dawson’s ‘Mind of Jake Paul’ documentary, fans thought Jake Paul and Erika Costell were soulmates.  Turns out that the same documentary is one of the reasons for their split.  The YouTuber cited multiple reasons for the breakup. Just in case you don’t have 30 minutes to spare, we’re listing them for you here:

1. The glowing edit Shane gave Erika in the doc rubbed Jake the wrong way.  In the doc, it seemed as though Erika was the only good thing in Jake’s life and Shane implied her presence changed him for the better.

“I give Erika all the credit in the world. She did help me out so much.  But Shane made it seem like she was the only good thing in my life that I had. I don’t think it was fair of him to do that.”

2. The former couple knew too much about each other. They often used sensitive info to attack each other when they were arguing.

“We know how to hurt each other. It’s so sad it got to that point. But it did.”

3. The relationship was too complicated.  Erika had at one point been Jake’s assistant so she’s seen the good, bad, and the ugly side of him.  Although she’s since been promoted, the couple still technically work together and it’s been difficult for them to separate the two.

Press play above to see the full video and stay tuned for the next episode of Jake Paul Uncut because he’ll be sharing a lot more about his break up with Erika Costell.


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