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Jake Paul & RiceGum Ignite Beef At The ACE Family Charity Basketball Event

Charity was the last thing on the mind of YouTuber’s Jake Paul and RiceGum as they participated in a petty back and forth during much of the ACE Family basketball event.

Jake Paul and RiceGum were doing their best to throw each other off their game during the ACE Family charity basketball event.  The gym the event was held at was filled with YouTuber’s suited up and ready to compete for $100,000 that they would be able to donate to the charity of their choice but there was a separate game going on for the two rivals.  RiceGum uploaded a vlog titled “Confronting my enemy in person (ACE Family event)” where he shared his annoyance with being seated directly next to Jake Paul.

“I don’t know why they got me sitting next to this guy,” RiceGum loudly states while pointing the camera at Jake.

Jake fired back with his own vlog and although neither of the guys secured the $100,000 bag, it looks like Jake may have won this round against RiceGum.  On top of interrupting RiceGum’s vlog on numerous occasions throughout the event, Jake also brings up the fact that the rapper’s new girlfriend paid him a compliment and appeared on camera with him.  He teased RiceGum relentlessly about bringing his girlfriend to the event by saying “Why did you bring your girl to this, bro?  You already know, bro!”

Jake appeared to ruffle his frenemies feathers a bit it’s good that both of them were too preoccupied to actually to put some effort in because they were unaware that the winnings go to charity.  Jake shared that if he won he would just spend it on food anyway and RiceGum also seemed to be under the impression that he’d be able to pocket the $100,000.  Not surprisingly, Pepperdine point guard Austin Mills won the challenge beating out RiceGum, Jake, King Bach, YBN Almighty Jay and more.


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