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Jake Paul Is Being Sued!!

Jake Paul is being sued, and the reasoning is so ridiculous and obnoxious that it could only be associated with him.

Apparently someone who was the unsuspecting victim of one of Jake Paul’s YouTube pranks is suing both him and his company due to hearing damages they received because of a loud horn that Jake blasted in WeHo.

Why did he blast a stupidly loud horn you ask? For nothing more than people’s reactions, because apparently that’s peak entertainment now-a-days.

While we doubt that this will in anyway damage Jake Paul’s image anymore than he himself has already done, we have a feeling he’ll have a tough time fighting this suit because¬†apparently he documented the evidence in one of his own videos.

The risk of putting everything you do in your daily vlogs is that you will have already shot yourself in the foot by providing proof should anything ever go wrong.

Smooth Jake, real smooth.


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