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Jake Paul’s Holiday EP Has Dropped!

It’s a holiday miracle – Jake Paul’s album has dropped and it’s definitely going to put you in the Christmas mood.

Okay, maybe not. Depends on how you celebrate the holidays. If you’re a baller with stacks on stacks on stacks, this album is definitely for you. For the rest of us peasants, maybe not. We’ll let you decide.

Litmas is the EP’s titular song and it features Rae Sremmund. All six of the EP’s song are available for purchase on both iTunes and Spotify. Jake Paul teased Litmas in November with a behind-the-scenes shoot of the filming of the music video. Litmas is the first music video to be shot at the Team 10 house, and Jake has promised us lots more music videos.

Okay, we can’t lie, it’s hard to not get in the holiday spirit watching this video with candy canes and Christmas lights galore. As far as we can tell, Jake is channeling Robin Williams circa Mrs. Doubtfire and ends up in the pool.

This is Jake’s first holiday album. He took classic Christmas songs and gave them a Jake Paul twist. Jingle Bells becomes Jingle Pauls, Joy to the World becomes Fanjoy to the World, etc. Perhaps our biggest critique would be the missed opportunity for remaking Silent Night. He could have called it Silent Jake and given us a whole track of silence. Now, that would be a true Christmas miracle.

Twitter feels differently, though. Fans have been tweeting their praise for the new tracks all day.

Regardless of your thoughts, there’s no denying Jake Paul has kicked off the holiday season with quite a bang!


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