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Jake Paul’s Plan To Keep Ninja’s Twitch Subscriber Count Above Tfue’s Is Insane!

YouTuber Jake Paul reveals he’s about to drop a ton of money in order to save The King of Twitch from being dethroned by Tfue.

Jake Paul is taking a page out of Mr. Beast’s book after he makes an unbelievable offer to keep Ninja’s follower count ahead of Tfue’s.  In his latest vlog titled “HELLO NINJA… THE JAKE PAULERS ARE HERE.. (Ninja Vs. Tfue)” he urges his fans to follow Ninja on Twitch before sharing his plan to support the gamer with a SuperBowl ad.

“What if I make a video and tell all the Jake Pauler’s to go subscribe to Ninja on Twitch.  Everyone go do that right now!  But what if I make a [commercial] and pay for the commercial to be played and aired as a SuperBowl commercial!”

Although the idea sounds absolutely crazy, Jake promises Ninja and his fanbase that this not clickbait and he’s extremely serious.

“Dear Ninja, I know you’re watching this.  Well, I hope you’re watching this…you’re probably gonna watch this.  You’re not getting click baited this time.  The Jake Pauler’s are here to help you.”

In order for Jake to drop the dough, he’s asking for at least 500,000 likes on the same video before he submits his commercial to be played at the 2019 SuperBowl game.  Ninja and Jake haven’t always seen eye to eye in the past after Jake used his name for clickbait.  Ninja has also made a few negative comments implying that Jake was a bad influence on his young followers.  But Jake’s offer might be exactly what gets him back in Ninja’s good graces.

Hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts…Do you think Jake is using Ninja’s name for clickbait again or will he make good on his promise to The King of Twitch?!


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