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Why Did James Charles Get Ripped On Twitter Over This New Look?

Just in time for Halloween, beauty guru James Charles created a killer (literally) new look inspired by It character Pennywise.

The reaction was not as expected. His makeup look is totally on point but Twitter was quick to jump on him because of his previous twitter controversy over the film where he originally pulled out his phone to post his dislike of It just 5 minutes into the screening. Obviously people railed on him for using his phone while in a theater. James later posted that by the end of the movie, he had changed his mind and actually like it.

Now that drama is being revisited following him tweeting out his Pennywise makeup creation:

It went totally nuts. Cher tweeted (a seemingly positive) post about him and fans took it as her dragging the look:

Then Wyatt Oleff, one of the actors from the film, got in the action, calling out James for hating on the film and then exploiting it for his own gain. To which Shane Dawson spoke out on behalf of James, and through dozens of tweets between these 3 they eventually came to a mutual  understanding and things cooled off. Though many fans weren’t ready to put the issue to rest.

Wyatt asked for James Charles’ haters to simmer down, resulting in one last interesting chain of tweets:


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