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James Charles Isn’t Done With Social Media Just Yet…

Anyone in the mood for a mental breakdown?

We thought James Charles was taking a break from social media, but to be specific he did only say YouTube…so we suppose it isn’t that far fetched to report that once again James is having a mental breakdown of sorts. We’re unsure as to what sparked the rant currently happening on Twitter (literally happening like right now) but we’re staying on top of it.

We thought the dragging over IT could have been it (pun intended), but that doesn’t seem to be the case seeing as how things got pretty serious.

At a certain point, there’s an obvious concern for YouTubers and internet sensations when they say they can’t do it anymore; it seems the internet life isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

In a pretty heavy rant that came out of nowhere, James Charles told us exactly how he felt about his career online.


He then went ahead and called out a Twitter user who called him out on his supposed unhappiness.


But the Coverboy was having none of it.


That response has since been deleted, but we can’t imagine what James could be going through, or what sparked the Twitter confession to essentially burst onto the internet. We’re hoping to get more clarification on the details of James’ status, but for now we’ll just have to sit (with our pants on) and wait.