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Jason Varga Sues Twitch, KSI Talks Fact About Logan Paul Fight & More!

Happy Thursday! We’ve got a brand new episode of “Influencers Only” for you today, February 22nd, full of all the top Influencer news you gotta hear about.

Jason Varga is suing Twitch for defamation of character, but it goes deeper than that because Jason was definitely doing some shady shit on the DL.

Liza Koshy continues to be our queen of comedy, but this time we’re shining a light on her because she just did a fully face of makeup using only garden tools.

YouTube once again faces backlash over the fact that an offensive conspiracy video ended up at the number 1 trending spot on their page.

AT&T is showing some love for Black History Month and is using other Influencers to help them spread knowledge on it all.

KSI clears up all the rumors about whether or not he and Logan Paul are actually gonna fight or not, and it looks like there’s still hope!


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