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Jay Versace Shares Humble Beginnings And Talks Moving Out At 18 While Broke

Influencer Jay Versace details his journey to fame including the bold moves he made.

Instagram comedian Jay Versace is opening up about his humble beginnings.  In a video titled “HOW I MOVED OUT AT 18 (WHILE BROKE) !!!” the YouTuber goes over what prompted him to start his career and how he dealt with some shady characters when he first started to monetize his content.  He remarks on how difficult it can be for young African-Americans to attain his career and success.   He shares that he wasn’t born from money and jokingly gives a warning to fans who thought otherwise.

“I’m from the hood.  Don’t ever get it f—-d up.  I’ll shoot you.”

In school, Jay was known as the class clown and eventually, he realized he could get paid to entertain.  He blew up on the internet but soon realized he would need a manager to handle all the sponsorship requests that followed.  The first person that reached out to him was someone he now refers to as a “dust-bucket.”

“I’m not gonna tell you about the first dust-bucket manager I had because he’s a dust-bucket and dust needs to stay in pots and pans and trash cans.”  

But that didn’t stop him.  He moved to Los Angeles with a dollar and a dream ready to make content that has since gone viral.  Press play to hear Jay Versace’s amazing story above!


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