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Jeffree Star’s Latest Makeup Challenge Tutorial Gives Us Life

Jeffree Star just uploaded one of our favorite makeup tutorial videos we’ve ever seen him do.

Following suit with Thomas Halbert’s new makeup tutorial ‘challenge’ that seems to be spilling out onto the internet, Jeffree put it to a vote for his fans about which YouTuber’s makeup tutorial he should follow, step by step, in his next video.

None other than our girl Tana Mongeau ended up the reigning champ, and Jeffree kept to his word, effectively gifting us one of the most hilarious reaction videos we’ve ever seen from a beauty guru.

“The people have spoken, the votes are in and you guys picked Tana Mongeau for me to follow, so baby, I am here right now. We are going to put one of her tutorials here on the screen and we’re just gonna follow along.”

As if this combination of people wasn’t perfect enough already, the hilarity was raised up a notch because Jeffree decided to get super stoned before filming the video, that way he could embody Tana as much as possible.

Overall, Jeffree really liked the look, but there are a lot of moments in this video that we feel like you guys just gotta watch for yourself. For example, Jeffree’s face when he watches how Tana uses her beauty blender, or the fact that a lot of her makeup is either dirty or in someway broken.

Plus, in a fun plot twist, Tana tweeted out the following:

We can only hope and pray that this comes to fruition.

Check out Jeffree Star’s full video down below! Trust us, it’s worth it.


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