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Jeffree Star’s Latest Makeup Launch Is Setting Records!

Call 911 because Jeffree Star is officially DECEASED.

Okay, just kidding, put down the phone, don’t actually call 911. But definitely buckle up, because Jeffree Star is on a roll.

This weekend, Jeffree dropped his Blood Sugar palette from his upcoming Love Sick line, and the release was wild. It had his website seeing the most traffic it’s ever had, which is a feat in and of itself.

On top of that, it sold out the day it was released. Not even that, it sold out in not 10, not 5, but THREE MINUTES. There’s no denying that Jeffree Star knows makeup and everyone knows that!

Jeffree was overwhelmed and on cloud nine hearing the news, and we don’t blame him. It’s one thing to hit high traffic numbers, and a completely different thing to sell out. To do these things together and in minutes? Insanely impressive! Jeffree’s already been working with his team to restock.

If this is how one palette from his collection is received, we’re almost scared to see how the rest of it goes. We’re going to have full-blown makeup-fueled pandemonium on our hands!

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