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Let’s Just Accept Jenna Marbles As A Beauty Guru Already!

Jenna Marbles just released a new video walking us plebs through how to use paraffin wax. And following her recent videos such as: Giving Myself A PermDouble Drag Makeup, A Bald Cap Full Of Eyelashes, and A Full Face Of Rhinestones, we think major props are due.

Jenna Marbles is a beauty guru! 

You know that feeling when you go to the nail salon and they dip your hands in wax – you aren’t entirely sure why but it is such an oddly satisfying experience you don’t ask questions? And those 5 minutes are seriously the best part of getting your nails done? And it has nothing to do with nails so WTF?

Well Jenna was determine to not let the salon have all the fun, so she did what any genius would do: go out and buy her own paraffin wax bath. She is quick to remind us that this wax literally does nothing but trap whatever is on your skin to your skin. Julian even gets in the wax action.

“Beauty community, when you gonna accept me as one of y’all?”

And the subreddit r/Beautyguruchatter was all about it: