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Jenna Marbles Tries To Troll Julien Solomita But It Definitely Didn’t Work

Rarely do we find ourselves watching videos where YouTubers shop for their significant others and laugh as hard as we just did while watching Jenna Marbles buy outfits for her boyfriend, Julien Solomita.

Appropriately titled, I Buy My Boyfriend Outfits, Jenna and Julien continued to be everything that represents relationship goals to us, especially with Julien’s genuine responses of joy to how soft certain clothing material was.

“Yo these are soft as fuck, bitch where’d you get these?”

We don’t know what they’re doing to succeed so incredibly much in their relationship, but we’re pretty sure we’d sign up for a 12 step course on how to achieve it too.

What started out as Jenna trying to troll Julien ended up with him miraculously looking good in everything she bought.

“I thought I was trolling you! I got you a complete camo outfit and a Canadian tuxedo with a flannel shirt and you looked good in it.”

And let’s not forget to mention that a fanny pack makes an appearance with not just one, but three separate outfits.

It’s true that Julien can apparently pull off any look thrown his way, but based strictly off of his own reactions, we’d say look number one might be the winner. No matter what though, the haul of clothing was a complete success and we are going to keep an eye out for that fanny pack.

Check out Jenna and Julien’s full video below!


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