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You Won't Believe Who Made Jessi Smiles' Rude YouTuber List!

Jessi Smiles, a popular Viner turned YouTuber has finally returned after a 3-week delay with a new video. But not just any video, a serious tea-sipping video in which she names two of the rudest YouTubers she’s ever met.

So, who made the list?

1. Logan Paul

Jessi talks about her encounter with Logan before and after meeting him. Basically, he’s a “mean, mean dude” according to Smiles. She describes her situation regarding the sexual assault case between her and famous Viner, Curtis Lepore. Jessi describes the “nasty” tweets Logan made about her after the case, clearly in defense of his friend Curtis. At a Vine brand deal event, the two encountered each other face to face. Jessi greeted him with a hello, to which Logan simply looks at her and then turns away.


“Oh you just suck all the time, not just on the Internet.” - Jessi

Logan is also friends with Sam Pepper, the man who wanted to fight Jessi Smiles.

2. Lele Pons

Jessi attributes this awful encounter to two things: 1) Lele being threatened by her (numerically, by followers) to which Jessi says “Who gives a shit?” and recalls the alleged situation with Amanda Czerny 2) Lele was also friends with Curtis Lepore. Again, at a talent event which so happened to fall on Lele’s 18th birthday, Jessi invited Lele to join her and friends at Cheesecake Factory. According to Jessi, Lele replied with,

“Well, you’re the famous one so you decide.” - Lele, according to Jessi.

That wasn’t all. Jessi’s younger brother attempted to introduce himself, and Lele allegedly just stared at him, then walked away.

Hmm, sounds like quite a pattern.

You can watch Jessi’s video here. We’re not sure if Lele or Logan will issue a response, but we’ll definitely be looking!


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