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Jessie Paege Announces She’s Taking A Break From Twitter

19-year-old YouTuber Jessie Paege shared that she’s taking a break from the often toxic social media platform for her own sanity.

Although social media is beneficial for a multitude of reasons, it can also be an extremely toxic place for those dealing with mental health issues like YouTuber Jessie Paege.  Jessie might be one of the most unproblematic and positive influencers on the platform but that, unfortunately, won’t stop miserable trolls.  On Monday, she announced for the second time this year that she would be leaving Twitter.  She didn’t share a specific incident that led to her departure but she did cite Twitter as the reason for her unhappiness.

She went on to Tweet the symptoms she was suffering from as a result of the stress social media caused.  Fans of Jessie’s are aware that the YouTuber suffers from anxiety and were worried that was having a panic attack.

While there are still a lot of trolls on the platform her followers made sure to combat the negativity with love and support.

Jessie hasn’t tweeted since October 22nd but she did post an Instagram video to ‘spread awareness and love to all her fans.’


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