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Jhené Aiko To Headline #YouTubeBlack FanFest At Howard University

 #YouTubeBlack has returned to Howard University for their 90-minute FanFest event which aims to highlight content creators of color.

#YouTubeBlack, the platforms initiative to celebrate and support black content creators, has teamed up with a historically black University for their second FanFest event for the second year in a row.  The event is sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox and its film ‘The Hate U Give’, which is a movie based on the young adult book of the same title that focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The community of YouTube creators who started the #YouTubeBlack movement inspire people around the world by sharing their talent and creativity online,” Danielle Tiedt, YouTube’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “Last year’s #YouTubeBlack FanFest gave us all an opportunity to see some of these creators take the stage in front of a live audience, and the show was electric from start to end.”

The 90-minute show will take place during Howard University’s Homecoming on October 23rd.  This year’s event will be headlined by R&B singer Jhené Aiko.

Other creators in attendance being highlighted include DormtainmentDe’arra & Ken 4 LifeKingsleyTpindellKyle ExumCERAADI4YE ComedySummerellaNext Town DownKevOnStageShan BoodyKhadi DonAri Lennox, and Ava Pearl.

Head to the official site for more details!


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