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Joanne The Scammer Is Getting Her Own Show

As one Influencer centric show comes to an end, another one begins.

Following the news of Netflix cancelling Haters Back Off, it’s looking like everyone might just be getting a brand new scripted series that follows another Influencer’s alter ego– Joanne The Scammer. Originally created by Brenden Miller, Joanne has since taken on a life of her own and is known on Instagram for her blonde wig and fur coat.

My natural hair looks fucking iconic.

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Digital comedy studio, Super Deluxe, is currently working with the ‘messy bitch’ to produce the new series, but little details have been offered up about what exactly this will mean, content wise.

With no official plot announcement, all we know is that a scripted series is in development with Joe Mande set to write it. We mentioned Netflix earlier, and while we don’t know if this is where Joanne will ultimately find her home, Brenden did previously say that he was in talks with them about developing a sitcom.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this means that Netflix will ultimately pick up the series, but until anything is officially announced, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you guys excited about the prospect of a Joanne The Scammer show? Let us know!


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