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Jordan Doww, Nicol Concilio And More React To SoCal Fires

This morning we woke up in Los Angeles and walked outside to find ash covering a shockingly large portion of the ground outside of our apartments (well at least those of us who live in The Valley did).

Unfortunately, SoCal is once again ablaze with flames due to not one, but two fires that are happening in Ventura County, and near Sylmar. Influencers are taking to Twitter to share their concerns as well as their hopes that everyone stays safe.

Jordan Doww and Markiplier both specifically bring up their concern for the smoke that is currently seeping into parts of The Valley, which has only been made worse due to the wind.

Any and all updates having to do with the fires are currently trending on Twitter, so if you would like to stay up to date, we suggest heading there for some real time developments.

We hope that everyone stays safe and avoids as much smoke inhalation as possible! Our thoughts are with all those who are currently working to stop the fires, as well as everyone who has been forced to leave their homes.


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