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Josh Peck Introduces Fans To His Son Max Milo!

Fans get an official introduction to Josh and wife Paige Peck’s newborn son Max Milo in the YouTuber’s latest vlog!

Max Milo Peck was born on December 29th in Los Angeles to proud parents Josh and Paige Peck and he’s already destined for fame.  Josh officially introduced the newborn to fans on the platform in a vlog titled “MEET MY BABY!!”  He’s joined by fellow vloggers David Dobrik and UGHITSJOE as they go over the ways that fatherhood has changed Josh and they even drop a few gems.  Although David is extremely excited for his friend he still can’t wrap his head around what it must feel like to have a newborn.

“I feel like it would feel really rewarding like almost nothing else matters anymore.  [Max Milo] is the only thing that matters anymore.  I’m not the center of my universe anymore.  I don’t have to worry about myself, I have to worry about this guy,” shares David.

Press play above to meet Max Milo and hear the hilarious yet insightful commentary on fatherhood from Josh Peck and David Dobrik.

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    BABY boy Josh BABY boy

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