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We Just Asked Andrea Russet For Some Sex Advice

Andrea Russett is currently taking calls from fans for the filming of her show, Apologies In Advance, and asking people to call in with all their relationship and sex questions

The episode will feature Tana Mongeau as well as Jason Nash, and we here at Trending All Day couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask some of our most burning desire questions as well.

If you call the number that Andrea has posted, it will ring for a while, but don’t panic, it will go to voicemail every time– or at least it should.

Once you get to the voicemail, Andrea explains what’s going on, then you leave your name and question and just like that, you’re done.

We’re especially excited to see this episode not only because we think the combination of those three Influencers will be ridiculous, but because we’re pretty curious how they’re going to answer our own questions.

Stay tuned for Andrea Russett’s newest episode of,ย Apologies In Advance, which we will 100% be reporting on when it’s available.


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