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Just @ Danielle Bregoli Next Time

In the land of subtweets, Danielle Bregoli is taking no shit from anyone.

The viral internet star turned rapper has been especially hard to ignore lately after releasing her official music video for her first single, These Heaux, where she threw shade at Kylie Jenner and happily gave zero fucks about what anyone thought of her.

You’d think that this video and song alone would translate that theme to all those who have beef, but alas, apparently they still think they need to subtweet instead of facing Danielle head on.

The girl is having none of that though, and we’ve gotta say we’re finding it especially entertaining to watch her call out all those too afraid to use the @ symbol.

Although this time the shade isn’t just about These Heaux, it’s about her latest remix to Roll In Peace.

In all fairness, not all the reviews are bad, but still, if you’re gonna talk about someone online, might as well make sure they can see it.

Subtweeting is a slippery slope, so if you’re gonna start, make sure you’re prepared to finish it.

Check out Danielle’s new remix down below!