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We Just Found Our Favorite Food Instagram

When it comes to food porn, there aren’t that many accounts that truly make our mouthes water, but we definitely just found the exception to the rule.

Sam Schnur, the foodie behind @thenaughtyfork Instagram account makes us all want to stop whatever it is we’re doing, and start cooking.

Her account is pretty much our wet dream vision board for all the things that we want to eat. Ranging from dessert to dinner to everything in between, some of the content features meals we have already created in our lives, while others throw a curveball of ‘why have I never thought of this‘ at us.

Spaghetti donuts at @nycwff @smorgasburg event😍 check out @nycwff Instagram Story ASAP!! #PHAAT

A post shared by Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork) on

For instance– those spaghetti donuts, are they hot or cold? Maybe that seems like a dumb question, but really, who knows??

If they’re hot, then we feel like they wouldn’t stay together in the way that they are, but if they’re cold, it begs the question of if they taste good.

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy spaghetti in all forms, hot or cold, this is a judgement free zone when it comes to pasta. Still, it just seems like a general disconnect from the pasta we’re used to, and in all seriousness, we never would have thought to combine that with a donut, that is, until now.

Post-weekend necessities #PHAAT

A post shared by Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork) on

Straight up, we just want to fucking eat everything on @thenaughtyfork’s page. Even writing this article has made us hungry, so we’re sorry to anyone else we doomed to the same fate.


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