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We Just Met Elijah Daniel’s Boyfriend!

Elijah Daniel just posted a new video where he introduced his boyfriend for the first time, and we’re kinda full of feels about the whole thing.

A lot of people had already assumed that something was going on between him and Sam, aka Dr. Woke, but it wasn’t until this new video that either one of them confirmed anything.

Elijah has never had a public boyfriend before, and his reasoning for that is because it adds unnecessary pressure and stress to the relationship and most importantly- because it’s ‘no one’s fucking business’. To be honest, we totally get that. Relationships are hard enough as is, that we can’t imagine what it would be like trying to have one that’s in the public eye.

The video was their own version of ‘The Boyfriend Tag’ where they answered a bunch of typical boyfriend tag questions as well as some fan ones, and we learned quite a lot about them, like how Elijah used to only be allowed to make Christian rap music??

“I was 15 and my dad only let me make Christian rap music, so I made Christian rap music from like 15 to 18 and that’s awful. We will definitely do a video of us reacting to each other’s first music.”

Umm, yes please.

We loved getting the chance to watch the two talk about how they met (tinder) as well as what each other’s weirdest habits are, which ironically enough both involved sleep. Overall though, the video is nothing but a combination of comedy and true cuteness, so if you’re struggling to get through this Tuesday, we highly recommend giving it a watch.

Check out Elijah Daniel’s full ‘Meet My Boyfriend’ video down below!

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