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Justin Bieber Takes Another Jab At JoJo Siwa

The feud between YouTuber JoJo Siwa and Canadian born pop star Justin Beiber has been reignited.

Justin Bieber just took another jab at 15-year-old Dance Moms alum and YouTube vlogger JoJo Siwa weeks after apologizing to her for commenting “burn it” under a photo of her customized car.  This time Justin uploaded a picture of JoJo’s cookbook book called “JoJo’s Guide to Making Your Own Fun on Friday” and captioned it with “Burn it haha jk.”

JoJo immediately clapped back with a post of her own.  The photo featured her reading the cookbook to a cardboard cutout of a young Justin Bieber.  She captioned the photo “Since @justinbieber likes my books now I thought I would read him my new one JoJo and BowBow CANDY KISSES)!!”.

Justin has yet to respond so like last time, JoJo might get the last word.  But it seems like the JoJo Siwa vs Justin Bieber feud might be an ongoing thing.  The first time they went back and forth their little feud went viral so this could all be a ploy so JoJo can sell more books.  Either way, JoJo is handling the shade from Justin very well and she’s still rockin’ her rainbow BMW with her face on it whether Justin likes it or not.

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