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Kat Blaque Calls Out Arielle As A Transphobe

Tuesday night YouTuber Kat Blaque went on a Twitter diatribe against fellow YouTuber Arielle, accusing the latter of being transphobic.

The story seems to begin with the video Arielle and her fellow LGBTQ friend Jaclyn made where they respond Trans YouTuber Riley Dennis’s girlfriend Neonfiona’s (now deleted) YouTube video about sexuality and sexual preferences.

Arielle had made a tweet years ago where she used the word “tranny” and took this time to address it:

To which Riley responded:

That tweet was in responde to influencer Blaire White who tweeted a screenshot of one of Riley’s videos entitled “Are genital preferences transphobic?” along with the comment “Riley is really tempting me to make my entire channel response videos to him.”

Arielle had commented on Blaire’s tweet, saying “drag her” to which Riley responded, pointing out Arielle’s hypocrisy.


Now stay with us, because there were literally hundreds of tweets Kat sent out about Arielle after this point. Kat Blaque, who is friends with Riley, retweeted their exchange and thus began a series of hundreds of tweets about Arielle and transphobia.

Kat continues by tweeting about her interactions with Arielle at Vid Con, a Google women’s event, and Collab Camp and then released all the receipts she had on Arielle when Arielle was attempting to arrange some collabs with LGBTQ YouTubers.

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