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Is Kate Middleton Shutting Down These Instagramming Copycats?

Get ready for a mind boggling Instagram story without a plenty of conspiracy theory possibilities.

Everyone knows and loves Kate Middleton and her iconic fashion sense. Some so much so that they have created their own Instagram accounts “recreating” many of her outfits. Which is pretty run of the mill for Instagram, where fans copy Kylie Jenner’s looks, Taylor Swift’s latest makeup, and Bella Hadid’s most recent hairstyle.

Now something fishy is going on, and it revolves around people imitating Kate Middleton in particular. There are handfuls of accounts that fall under the ‘RepliKate’ theme, where women dress up in styles that Kate has recently worn, and many of them are getting shut down inexplicably.

Arizona Instagrammer @RoyalRepliKate (Janelle Nash) has been running her ‘gram for 5 years. Last month the platform shut her account down without giving her any reason (note: it has since been reinstated but she is covering her bases by starting a new account as well in case she is shut down again). She told Femail: ‘On Instagram, a targeted effort is happening to erase accounts of certain Replikaters.” Is it a case of using another photographer’s image? We don’t think so as Janelle added, “I always attributed photos I used, I never altered them.”

And at least half a dozen other accounts have suffered the same fate but have yet to be given back access to their profiles, including Sybill Nicole Moeller, ParkysPrincess, and TheLadyWallace. So what gives? Who is taking down these accounts without warning the account holders? Is it the royal family themselves or an over eager copyright claimant? We hope to find out more about this royal mystery so stay tuned.