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Kathleen Lights Reaches Out To A Surprising Source

It seems like guilt is eating away at Kathleen Lights because the girl cannot stop talking about her massive mistake of using the N word on Jaclyn Hill’s Snapchat.

Since the drama initially went down, there has been a lot of fall out for both beauty gurus. Many are livid with Kathleen, while also claiming that Jaclyn purposefully tried to drag her friend on social media.

Apologies have been issued from both camps, but as far as Kathleen goes, she has a lot more to make up for than Jaclyn. It’s one thing to be called a shitty friend, it’s something else to be called racist.

After posting to both Instagram and Snapchat about her deep regrets over using the racial slur, Kathleen ultimately made her Twitter private, most likely due to the backlash she was receiving. While we would think that her next move would be to lay low, she’s pretty much doing the exact opposite.

Kathleen, in a wild and bizarre turn of events, reached out to multiple drama channels to give a pseudo statement about what happened, and more importantly to once again state that she is in no way racist.

Peter Monn is one of the drama channels that Kathleen has reached out to, and he posted a full video where he managed to successfully remain as unbiased as he could in talking about everything that went down.

“I struggle believing that somebody that doesn’t use those words has the ability to just have it fall from their lips.”

We tend to agree with that.

More than anything though, we think that Kathleen should take a second to understand that despite her claim of the whole being a mistake, people are still allowed to be offended and upset.

It does, however, look like Kathleen might be in the evacuation zone for Hurricane Irma, so we do hope she and everyone else in its path stays safe!

Check out Peter Monn’s full video talking about Kathleen Lights down below.