‘Kedi’ is the Turkish Cat Doc That is Catnip for Humans!

‘Kedi‘ is for all your crazy cat ladies, cat bois, and any gendered or non-gendered cat person around. Actually, it’s for anyone at all. The documentary (produced in conjunction with the Vlog Brothers) follows seven cats around the city of Istanbul (a city with a feral cat problem).

Although after watching this documentary it’s hard to consider these beautiful creatures any sort of problem at all.

These cats are descendants of creatures who have been wandering the city for thousands of years, and it shows amongst their people. The citizens of Istanbul view their cats with a kind of reverence. They take care of them, feed on them, dote on them. They truly believe the cats may wander in and out of your life for a reason. The cats are neither wild, nor tame, and as this doc shows, it does indeed seem they choose their people wisely.

In a week of insane news, and in a time that acknowledging our humanity doesn’t happen often enough, we recommend Kedi as a wonderful weekend watch of cat escapism.  We give this doc ten out of ten likes! Good job, cats of the Istanbul, and of course, cats of the internet! (Note, you will need a YouTube Red account to watch this doc in full!)


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