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KEEMSTAR Has Some Advice For Lilly Singh

YouTube’s Harvey Levin called out Lilly Singh for using A-listers in her 12 Collabs of Christmas series instead of featuring up and coming vloggers.

Lilly Singh can’t seem to catch a break from the men of YouTube.  First PewDiePie slammed her for using mental health as an excuse for taking a break from YouTube, then Leon Lush refuted her claims that gender inequality had anything to do with women not making Forbes’ Highest Paid YouTuber’s list, and now KEEMSTAR is critiquing her for using A-listers in’12 Collabs of Christmas’ series.  He tweeted directly to Lilly and accused her of “trying too hard to be plastic.”

He also offered up some advice that she should have used smaller YouTubers for her comeback series.  Now the advice itself is not bad but there’s a reason why Lilly enlisted the help of Terry Crews, Alicia Keys, John Cena, Dr. Phil, Rita Ora, The Try Guys, Hasan Minhaj, Casey Neistat, and James Charles instead of JoeSchmoeVlogs.

In the vlog where she announced her break from YouTube, she said that she felt her content as of late hadn’t been up to par because she was rushing to put out content as fast as she could out of fear that she’d be forgotten or become an old washed up YouTuber who no one wants to watch.  So it makes sense why would she would use A-listers who consistently bring in millions of views for whatever show or movie they star in.

Maybe when Lilly feels that she has secured her spot as YouTube royalty she’ll use her platform to promote undiscovered talent.

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