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Kevin Durant: The Sports Troll For Us All

In a world that prides itself on dominance, it’s nice to see Kevin Durant put on his internet troll suit, if only during the early beginnings of the season.

Apparently, the Warriors Final MVP wanted to make sure he properly welcomed a rookie in the best way possible. And hey, we’re all for a welcoming committee, what could possibly go wrong? Well, if you’re a Warriors rookie, you might wanna avoid the wrath and humor of KD.

KD has been unapologetically trolling Warriors rookie Chris Boucher on Instagram.

We couldn’t help notice that for some reason, Chris wasn’t able to get his hands on his own photos without gettyimages playing part. While we appreciate Boucher’s attempt to sass back at KD, the fact is no one can do chill like the man himself. Looks like Kev is one of us, at least while he’s on social media. We can’t ball like he can, obviously. Cheers to another internet moment brought to one of few athletes really doin it big online.


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