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Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Media Company Partners Up With YouTube

Kevin Durant wants more professional athletes to jump on the YouTube train, and he’s taken a big step towards making that happen.

After starting his own channel– and loving it by the way– Kevin decided that what the platform needed was more athletes. His own company, Thirty Five Media, will now become a developmental partner with YouTube to help launch the initiative of setting up new channels!

The first roll out of professional athletes who will be launching their own channels are Richard Sherman (who already had his own channel), Karl-Anthony Towns, Nick Young and Javale McGee.

Since the April launch of his channel, Kevin Durant has already managed to stack up 589k subscribers. Considering the fact that he hasn’t even had his account for a year yet, that’s wildly impressive. We get that he comes with a built in following, but still, YouTube is a different beast.

The partnership between Kevin’s company and YouTube will also be a way to put out more sports programming content, which is already in the works with a new digital series that is currently being developed by Kevin and Michael Rapaport.

Are you guys excited about this Thirty Five Media and YouTube partnership? Who knows, it might just be the exact thing we need to save the platform in 2018.


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