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Khalid Links Up With Hit-Boy For New Single “Self”

Khalid has been dropping singles off his upcoming album called, “Free Spirit” and now he is giving us another taste of what to expect from his forthcoming album.

This time around Khalid has teamed up with West Coast super-producer Hit-Boy for his new single, “Self”.

Breaking down Free Spirit Khalid recently shared with Zane Lowe in an interview  -

“For me, the album is called Free Spirit, and it’s about the path before and after you find your sense of freedom, and is freedom even a real thing. It was just my question on freedom. I’m like as much as I want to be a free spirit I don’t feel like I will ever truly be a free spirit because there’s so many things that restrict me,”

 “This is a coming of age. We are finding ourselves. The roughest years of your life are around this time from 18 to 21, because you’ve really got to … people still go through it. People still go through troubles of finding themselves. Luckily, I get to find myself through these records. I get to experiment. I get to go from one side where it’s super funky, dance, disco, to that where it’s so soulful, to R&B pop, very early 2000’s, talk, influence from the ’70’s to now. There’s so much. It’s really me. It’s really myself.” 

You can check out  Khalid’s new single below! Stay tuned for the full album set to drop April 5th.

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