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Gigi Gorgeous Teams With YouTube And HRC For Transgender Awareness

Gigi Gorgeous is one of the most famous transgender creators online, and in alliance with YouTube and HRC, Gigi has decided to take on Transgender Awareness Week head on via her YouTube channel yesterday with a new series titled Kiki With Gigi Gorgeous.

Transgender Awareness Week is held this year between Nov. 14 and 20. This week aims to raise visibility for and acceptance of transgender and non-gender conforming people, according to LGBTQ organization HRC. In her first video in the series, Gigi invited members LGBTQ+ community to her home to discuss their individual struggles with their respective gender identities and sexualities. Guests included YouTube star Kingsley, trans model Andrea Pejic, HRC national press secretary Sarah McBride, and reality star EJ Johnson.

The group covered North Carolina’s controversial bathroom bill which states that citizens must use public restrooms in accordance with the gender they were assigned at birth. Then they discussed the anti-LGBTQ immigration laws in the Middle East, where Gigi found herself detained earlier this year.

Gigi also the teases us with some info on her forthcoming documentary for YouTube Red, which debuts early next year and will chronicle her life’s journey.

You can check out the debut episode of Kiki With Gigi Gorgeous right here:



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