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Jaclyn Hill And Kim Kardashian Team Up For New Video

It looks like Kim Kardashian is venturing into the beauty guru world on YouTube and in a plot twist that has everyone reevaluating their opinions, she’s kinda killing it.


In her most recent video, Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Kim Kardashian West for a tutorial to show how each woman does their makeup for the day. Within the video, Hill also used Kim’s new contour/highlight line for the first time, and took the opportunity to showcase that as well.

At first, people weren’t sure how they felt about Kim weaving her way into the YouTube space, especially because Hill herself is such a huge name for beauty gurus. On her YouTube channel alone, Jaclyn Hill has amassed a following of over 4.2 million subscribers.

The thing is, Kim is actually kind of a natural when it comes to makeup.

The surprising difference between the two is that, for all intents and purposes, Kim is the less experienced makeup artist because she more often has other people doing her makeup for her. Jaclyn on the other hand has built an empire out of makeup and tutorials, therefore it could be argued that she should be the better and more advanced one between the two.

When watching the actual video though, it seemed that Kim offered a simpler day to day look that people actually related to more.

There might be a future for her in the beauty influencer world yet.

If the initial reaction to her tutorial is any indicator of what her future could hold, it seems that people really are loving Kim’s ‘natural’ approach.

We highly suggest watching their video below if not for the makeup, for Kim’s responses to whether or not she used a product.

Spoiler alert, she’s never used most of them and some part of us loves her for that.