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King Bach Hears Out His Haters On Good Mythical Morning

This week saw the relaunch of Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning, with longer episodes this time around, and a slew of amazing guests appearing on the series.

Good Mythical Morning was launched back in 2012 by the duo. On the show, they tackle crazy challenges, conduct unusual experiments, and talk all things science, technology, lifestyle, and pop culture with various celebrity guests.

King Bach was on today’s episode, and Rhett & Link conducted a “hater comment therapy” session for the comedian. In the segment, the hosts act as therapists, reading troll comments from Bach’s Instagram account. The comments are pretty hilarious, too. One follower comparing Bach’s head to a “big buttery biscuit,” to which Rhett noted, “something is wrong with the biscuits you are eating.”

If you’re needing some laughs today, watch the whole 6 minute segment now!


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