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King Bach Just Released His First Song & People Love It

King Bach isn’t just the OG king of Vine, but he can now officially add professional rapper to his already lengthy resume.

The Canadian influencer who is known for being straight up hilarious just showed his 17.5 million Instagram followers that he has what it takes to make it in the music biz, too.

King Bach released his first song “Say Daddy” and honestly, people are loving it.

In typical Bach fashion, the music video is funny as hell as he acts out in a baby daddy vs baby mama-type parody.

While the video is entertaining, it’s the song that is a banger. The track’s beat makes you want to dance and the lyrics are catchy AF.

“Say Daddy” features a verse by King Los. There have been 123, 000 views so far but we’re pretty sure that’s just going to keep growing.

Watch below.


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