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See How Much These Influencers’ Pics Are Worth On Instagram!

We have a secret formula that tells us exactly what IG photos are worth.

Actually, no not us, but thanks to the cool website Inkifi, you can see how much any influencer can make through their Instagram pics! All you have to do is enter an Instagram handle and voila! You can do this with your own Instagram, and be mildly disappointed, but it makes for a pretty interesting distraction for you and friends. We have to be honest, the Trending office spent close to an hour sending in their requests.

We entered some of our fav influencers and this is what we got!

1. Gabbie Hanna, @thegabbieshow

2. tyler oakley, @tyleroakley

3. king bach, @kingbach

4. rudy mancuso, @rudymancuso

5. zoella, @zoella


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